Have you looked into sculpting your body? Don’t worry- this has nothing to do with clay or carving tools!

Body sculpting, also referred to as strength training exercise, is a great way to naturally achieve both a toned and fit body, and has many physical benefits. By implementing a regular body sculpting routine, you can get slimmer by increasing your metabolism. The increase in metabolism will not only make it easier to lose weight, but it will also make it harder for that lost weight to creep back up on you. There are many more benefits to body sculpting, as you can see in the infographic below:

What are the Benefits of Strength Training? (Infographic)

Although most of body sculpting is thought to be done only through exercising, simple adjustments in your daily routine can also lead to changes in your body. For instance, drinking more water daily is one of the factors that can increase your body’s metabolism which will help you to achieve a more toned and fit physique more quickly and efficiently. Some recommended food items that will also help build more lean muscle include:

  • Lean chicken breast, lean beef
  • Dark turkey meat (yes really, it is lean in fat and high in protein!)
  • Salmon, tuna
  • Eggs (Egg white omelettes are generally the way to go, as yolks are high in saturated fat)
  • Veggies such as spinach, kale, broccoli, beetroot, red pepper, carrots, sweet potatoes
  • Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries
  • Brown rice and oats, in moderation
  • Sunflower seeds, lentils

There are no negative side effects to non-surgical body sculpting treatments. However each treatment varies depending on your body type, in addition to the type of fat you have and want to get rid of. In the human body, there are two types of fat, visceral and subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is usually fat that is present on top of muscles and can be easily removed. Visceral fat is the fat that is present deep in the muscle tissues that can only be removed through proper diet and exercise. The removal of these fats is actually easier done than said, as the process really isn’t all that difficult.

Body sculpting is great in the sense that the basics are simple to grasp and implement, and it doesn’t require much equipment for exercises. Even early beginners can enjoy the benefits of a body sculpting routine in a short amount of time, with dedication.

Have you tried body sculpting? Do you have some tips you would like to share with the Dietgirl community? Let us know in the comments below!