14 Realistic Fitness Tips For Real People

14 Realistic Fitness Tips For Real People

When it comes to searching for fitness tips on the web, things get get overwhelming real fast. Where to start? Which tips will actually suit you/your body/your lifestyle? Oftentimes, the plethora of fitness tips available online seem a bit much and simply unrealistic. So we decided to compile a list of realistic tips for real people! Have a look!


  1. Set A Goal
    Before beginning any important task, especially when working out, you should always set a goal for yourself. Don’t mindlessly work out without an objective. Sometimes it’s better to actually set a goal that might intimidate you at first. That way, you’ll be determined to reach your goal!
  2. Multitask While Working Out
    If you’re worried about not having time to work out, try incorporating exercises into your daily routine. For example, instead of taking a car to places you need to go, take a bike or walk (when possible.) If you work somewhere where you have to sit at a desk for the whole day, get up and stretch every hour or so.
  3. Walk More!
    Simply walking more will lead you to burning more calories and increasing your metabolism all while getting to different places. Take small steps such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and you will eventually notice a difference.
  4. Get A Personal Trainer Or Sign Up For A Fitness Class
    If you don’t know what to do or where to start when it comes to fitness, sign up for a fitness class or even consider getting your own personal trainer.
  5. Make The Most Out Of Your Time
    Don’t waste your time! You can do easy and small exercises throughout the day. For example, while your food is simmering on the stove, you can do a few squats right there in the kitchen.
  6. Eat Right
    By simply eating healthy food, you can get away with working out a little less, and reach your goals faster.
  7. Use A Fitness Tracker
    Consider downloading an app to help count your calories or even invest in a Fitbit! Knowing where you’re at during your fitness journey can be very helpful to determine how and when you’ll reach your goal.
  8. Sleep Well
    Sleep is a very essential part of our daily routine, but many people don’t take sleep very seriously or know that it is as important as healthy eating and exercising. Sleeping for about 7-8 hours a day can lower your risk of becoming obese and also helps to increase your metabolism as well.
  9. Exercise With A Friend
    Surrounding yourself with friends that motivate you to reach your goals is a crucial element to living a happy and healthy life. Next time you workout, encourage your friends to work out with you, or at least arrange to have a designated workout buddy. This way you can have company while also reaching your goals with people that you care about!
  10. Reward Yourself
    You deserve to get something in return for reaching your goals, even if the reward is something small. Next time you hit a major goal, treat yourself! Wait, not with 10 pies, but maybe with an awesome new outfit.
  11. Work Out During Your Lunch Break
    If you have a job where you have to sit at your desk the whole day, take a walk at some point during your lunch break. You’ll feel more rejuvenated and energetic when you get back to your desk.
  12. Buy Some Workout Gear
    Many people feel more motivated to exercise if they have the appropriate clothes or gear to work out in. Work out clothes can also improve your overall performance- so give it a shot!
  13. Watch TV While Working Out
    It’s important to make workouts fun and enjoyable. If you enjoy watching TV or playing video games, incorporate this into your exercise. Play a game that requires you to move or even watch a show while you do some yoga.
  14. Make Workouts Shorter
    If you’re the type of person to want a shorter workout, try HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workouts. Short intense workouts are great for burning fat and may be a great way for you to get fit.
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The Perks of Prenatal Fitness

The Perks of Prenatal Fitness

Pregnancy is a very important and beautiful experience for many women. Since being an expecting mother is such a huge responsibility, isn’t taking care of the body that will carry the baby also crucial?

Staying physically fit while being pregnant and after giving birth can sound difficult and almost impossible. However physically training yourself so that you can stay fit during and even after your pregnancy makes all of this much easier and efficient. Many physicians say that they have noticed a trend in pregnant women who are physically fit or trained for the pregnancy beforehand, they are all much happier during their pregnancies and have less complications. The infographic below goes into detail on fitness exercises during pregnancy, which can also be practiced before pregnancy.

Exercise during pregnancy

In some ways, prenatal fitness can make it easier for many women to become pregnant. For instance, weight can be an issue for women who want to become pregnant but can’t because of how their weight affects their hormones. By exercising and having a proper diet, it can be much easier for these women to lose weight, conceive and have a healthy pregnancy all at once! Prenatal fitness can also decrease chances of health risks that occasionally come along with pregnancy. Although actually delivering the baby can be a very different process from person-to-person, studies show that having a fit cardiovascular system can make a normal delivery much easier and lower your chances of needing a C-Section.

Many women worry about how their bodies will look after their pregnancies. It is completely normal to not look fit right after delivering the baby, and it does take time and effort to eventually get back into shape. But staying fit during your pregnancy and maintaining a routine can make it much easier for women to get back to their routine soon after their delivery. There is never any disadvantage to staying fit and having a healthy lifestyle. So if you plan on getting pregnant, make sure to plan ahead and try your best to maintain a fit body during and after your pregnancy!


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20 Weight Loss Tips that Aren’t Myths

20 Weight Loss Tips that Aren’t Myths

Here at Dietgirl, we’re all about offering realistic tips to help you achieve your fitness goal, while loving each step of it. When it comes to weight loss, rarely it is ever a delightful experience. But it doesn’t have to be all that bad. Much of it has to do with making small tweaks to your daily routine. Here’s a quick compilation of 20 weight loss tips that are easily doable!


  1. Lift Weights
    Not only can weight lifting help build muscle, but it can also help to burn calories that can help you lose weight. Get ready to tone up and look super fit!
  2. Drink More Water
    The average human body is made up of 50-65% water. That is why the solution to many of our problems is to just drink more of it. Drinking water can boost your metabolism and drinking about two cups before a meal can help you eat less calories and even lose about 45% more weight. Interestingly enough, the best way to lose excess water weight is to simply drink more water.
  3. Lower Your Refined Carb Intake
    Although some carbs are great for you (in moderation,) studies show that refined carbs can actually lead to higher risks of many diseases. Refined carbs can also lead to feeling hungrier after a while and is directly linked with obesity.
  4. Use Smaller Plates
    Believe it or not, eating from smaller plates can actually trick your mind into eating less calories. Easy there- don’t pile a tower of food on the plate!
  5. Quit Drinking Sugary Beverages
    Artificially flavored beverages are usually filled with many grams of sugar and sometimes it goes over the limit of your daily sugar intake. That is why it is best to completely avoid such beverages. Not only would it help you lose weight but it would also help you keep you at bay from conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.
  6. Drink Green Tea
    Green tea is known for being very beneficial for multiple aspects. The most known benefit being weight loss. It contains antioxidants called catechins that helps to burn fat efficiently. And it also tastes quite nice- drink up!
  7. Drink Coffee
    Coffee-drinkers, rejoice! Coffee can boost metabolism and helps to burn fat if there is no sugar or high calorie creamers added to it. Although coffee is usually scorned upon, it actually can help you through your weight loss journey!
  8. Eat Whole Foods
    Eating whole foods regularly and incorporating them into your meals would not only be great for weight loss, but also for maintaining your weight. Replace unhealthy artificially-flavored food with the real food that your body deserves.
  9. Eat Slowly
    This is an interesting little trick. By chewing slowly, your brain is led to believe it is eating more. It will sooner signal that you had a sufficient amount of food. So next time you’re hungry, don’t eat hastily, but instead take your time.
  10. Sleep Well
    We all know that sleep affects everything we do and it is very important to get enough of it. However many people don’t realize that in terms of losing weight, it is just as important as healthy eating and exercising. Sleeping for about 7-8 hours can lower your risk for obesity and help with your weight loss journey.
  11. Eat More Protein
    When it comes to losing weight, having a high protein diet is crucial. Protein helps boost your metabolism and helps you feel satisfied for long periods of time. Studies show that by adding protein to your diet, people have had less obsessive thoughts of food by almost 60%.
  12. Brush Your Teeth
    This is more of a psychological hack. By brushing your teeth right after dinner, you will be less tempted to have unhealthy snacks throughout the night. It’ll feel like a chore to have that midnight snack while your pearly whites are spotless.
  13. Having A Source Of Protein For Breakfast
    By eating eggs or any other source of protein for breakfast, you will be more likely eat fewer calories for the rest of the day.
  14. Cut Back On Sugar
    Cutting back on sugar is probably the most obvious step to take when starting your weight loss journey. To lose weight properly and in a healthy manner, cut back on foods that have added sugar in them. Don’t worry, it won’t take long to wean off of it.
  15. Eat Spicy
    Capsaicin, which is a compound found in many peppers, can also boost metabolism. So next time you’re cooking something, feel free to add some spices and peppers to it for an extra kick of flavor plus health benefits.
  16. Start Aerobic Exercise
    Doing aerobic exercises, or just cardio in general, is a wonderful way to lose fat around your stomach. It also helps give a renewed boost of confidence. This is the most fun part of fitness, especially once you get the hang of your routine.
  17. Include More Vegetables and Fruits In Your Diet
    Eating more vegetables and fruits are super nutritious, contain few calories, and keep you full for a longer time. And you can’t deny the fact that fruits and veggies simply make meals in general look so much more enticing.
  18. Incorporate More Fiber Into Your Diet
    Incorporating fiber into your diet is the best way to have control over your weight in the long term. Viscous fiber can even reduce your appetite and improve your overall health. Just bear in mind that it is best to only eat the suggested amount and to not go over that.
  19. Portion Control
    We don’t live to eat, we eat to live. Therefore controlling your portions is very necessary to stay healthy and fit. One way to control your portions is by eating three balanced meals a day and having a few healthy snacks in between the meals.
  20. Keep Only Healthy Foods In Your Kitchen
    In order to not cease to unhealthy snacks when you’re and feel guilty about it later on, try keeping only healthy snacks around you. Examples of healthy and delicious snacks are edamame, dried fruits, nuts, yogurt, or boiled eggs. That way, you’re only keeping yourself limited to the good stuff.
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Prehistoric Women Were Stronger Than All Of Us!

Prehistoric Women Were Stronger Than All Of Us!

When someone tells you to think of women of the past, what do you imagine? Frail fair maidens in pretty dresses picking flowers? Well not so fast! The women of prehistoric times were fierce! They would have put the Olympians of today to shame, and science proves it.

Bio-archaeologists at Cambridge University have done the unthinkable by comparing old female bones to the bones of female athletes today. According to the results, the women of the past are actually much stronger than female athletes today. They were even stronger than the women in the Cambridge University rowing team. Since the bone is a living tissue that can be tested to see how strong it is by judging the physical impact and strain on it, archaeologists thought it would be best to compare the bones with today’s women’s bones to determine their strength. Although the women from the Neolithic era (about 7,400 to 7,000 years ago) have about the same leg-bone strength as the rowers from Cambridge University, their arm bones are almost 11-16% stronger than the athletes. The women of the Bronze Age (about 4,300 to 3,500 years ago) had about 9%-13% stronger arm bones but 12% weaker leg bones.

Here’s an interesting slide show we came across on Slideshare, which further expands on the lifestyle of Neolithic women:

Researchers believe that the reason why women of the past had much stronger arm strength and about the same leg strength is because at the time, they were in charge of manually planting fields, grinding grains, and harvesting crops using their hands. It’s a lot of heavy labor, which isn’t quite carried out nowadays. Considering the fact that women had many different tasks to do in the past, it is hard to determine exactly which task helped them most to develop strong and healthy bones. One thing for sure though is that all the tasks relate to repetitive physical labor. Although the women of the past were not generally thought to be athletic, turns out that they actually possessed the strength to defeat the female athletes of today.

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What is Body Sculpting?

What is Body Sculpting?

Have you looked into sculpting your body? Don’t worry- this has nothing to do with clay or carving tools!

Body sculpting, also referred to as strength training exercise, is a great way to naturally achieve both a toned and fit body, and has many physical benefits. By implementing a regular body sculpting routine, you can get slimmer by increasing your metabolism. The increase in metabolism will not only make it easier to lose weight, but it will also make it harder for that lost weight to creep back up on you. There are many more benefits to body sculpting, as you can see in the infographic below:

What are the Benefits of Strength Training? (Infographic)

Although most of body sculpting is thought to be done only through exercising, simple adjustments in your daily routine can also lead to changes in your body. For instance, drinking more water daily is one of the factors that can increase your body’s metabolism which will help you to achieve a more toned and fit physique more quickly and efficiently. Some recommended food items that will also help build more lean muscle include:

  • Lean chicken breast, lean beef
  • Dark turkey meat (yes really, it is lean in fat and high in protein!)
  • Salmon, tuna
  • Eggs (Egg white omelettes are generally the way to go, as yolks are high in saturated fat)
  • Veggies such as spinach, kale, broccoli, beetroot, red pepper, carrots, sweet potatoes
  • Raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries
  • Brown rice and oats, in moderation
  • Sunflower seeds, lentils

There are no negative side effects to non-surgical body sculpting treatments. However each treatment varies depending on your body type, in addition to the type of fat you have and want to get rid of. In the human body, there are two types of fat, visceral and subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is usually fat that is present on top of muscles and can be easily removed. Visceral fat is the fat that is present deep in the muscle tissues that can only be removed through proper diet and exercise. The removal of these fats is actually easier done than said, as the process really isn’t all that difficult.

Body sculpting is great in the sense that the basics are simple to grasp and implement, and it doesn’t require much equipment for exercises. Even early beginners can enjoy the benefits of a body sculpting routine in a short amount of time, with dedication.

Have you tried body sculpting? Do you have some tips you would like to share with the Dietgirl community? Let us know in the comments below!


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