Nutritious Menu Planning in Minutes

Healthy and nutritious eating comes from:

  • properly balanced nutrition
  • the appropriate amount of calories, and
  • using healthy ingredients and foods

Imagine making up your daily and weekly menus with all your favorite foods and having a dietitian right there to help you mix and match to achieve well-balanced meals according to your goals…

It’s like having your own personal dietitian right there in your kitchen!

The Most Advanced Weight Loss and Nutrition Program Available.

Dietgirl’s MenuPlans™ is unique because of it’s focus on total nutrition, not calories alone.

The MenuPlans™

Easy to Use – Automatically helps you plan and properly balance every meal every day!


Great Tasting – Mix and match the foods you enjoy to create your own nutritious meals.

Track Your Progress

Keeping track of what you’re eating is simple with MenuPlans. Your detailed, automated meal journal is always only clicks away.

Dietgirl MenuPlans™

is the first and only weight loss program and software designed to dramatically reverse your weight, remove the inner struggle, and have you loving your food in the process.

The secret behind its success is that it actually makes you feel good.

It’s a revolutionary program because it puts you back in control of your metabolism.

Because when meals are delicious to eat, when your mouth delights in the textures of the food you love, your mind starts relaxing because you’re no longer fighting a “no pain, no gain” mentality.

And the first 10 pounds you lose will have your body feeling great, too.

With Dietgirl MenuPlans™, you can expect to lose a pound or two (or three, or four) a week — every week — until you say, “STOP!”

Following the Dietgirl MenuPlans™ program, you’ll feel like you’re living a gourmet’s life … dining on your choice of delicious foods from over 40 different, personally customized, menu templates.

And when we say personally customized, we mean designed specifically for YOU.

Your unique needs…
Your specific weight loss goals…
Your distinctive body type…
Your individual body fat percentage…
Your gender…
Your current health issues…
Your chosen level of activity you want to participate in…

And of course, your favorite, luscious, delicious food choices!

In fact, you’ll be delighted to know that you are 100% in charge of the delicious foods you choose to eat.  Which is a very important point, especially when you realize this is not one of those starvation type diet programs that force you to count calories, carbs, or points.

MenuPlans™ is based on perfectly-portioned meals that are instantly customized specifically for you. It calculates your exact amount of calories, exact ratio of proteins, carbs and fats, exact foods… EVERYTHING!  All you have to do is eat!

Dietgirl’s MenuPlans™ will help you reach your goals with NO pain!

Here’s how simple it is:

  1. Just Click Below to Get Started
  2.  Reply to A Few Basic Questions
  3.  Choose the Type of MenuPlans™ You Want

That’s it!  As easy as 123!!

Dietgirl MenuPlans™ allows you to create over 80 variations from each of our MealPlan templates in seconds with just a few clicks!

Here are just some of the templates you can choose from:

Healthy Aging, Heart Healthy, Mature Woman, Low Carb, North Beach, Low Glycemic, Gluten Free, High Fiber, Health Soy, Lactose Intolerant, Organic Low Carb, Organic Low Fat, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free, Stroke Prevention, Stable Blood Sugar, Osteoporosis, Bone Disease, Heart Disease, Cancer Prevention, Breast Cancer, Paleo, Performance Training, Lean Bodybuilder, Mass Builder, Teen Scene, On The Go, Childhood Obesity, Weight Loss and Extreme Weight Loss.

Each template provides ready-to-print balanced MenuPlans™ containing a 7-day rotation of menus within minutes.

Now For the FUN Part!

Personalize Your MenuPlans™

If you can order from a menu, you can instantly personalize your own balanced meal plans with Dietgirl MenuPlans™.

Simply find any foods that you don’t wish to eat, click the exchange link, and choose a food that you do like from the drop down menu.

You have unlimited food choices using the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service Database. That means you can choose virtually any food and product brand in the world!

Unlike other programs which create meals for you from foods you usually don’t want to eat, Dietgirl MenuPlans™ let’s you choose the foods you enjoy most.

You can make food exchanges for one meal, an entire day, or make global changes with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Finally, you can eat the foods YOU LIKE!!!

Your Goals and Nutrient Information come from The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science. They collect reports from thousands of researchers around the world to define standards of nutrition for individuals at various life stages.

All of the Food Nutritional Data comes from the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service – the GOLD STANDARD for nutrition! That means you’ll have accurate nutritional data of almost every food and product brand in the world!

Last, But Not Least…

Print Your 7-Day MenuPlans™ & Complete Grocery List

Everything you need to get started and eating for an entire week at a time!

If you were to hire an expensive certified nutritionist to create a fraction of this program for you, they could not match our Registered Dietitian-Approved meal plans already waiting for you inside the Dietgirl MenuPlans™ program. 

It’s not another fad, restrictive, or calorie deprivation diet that will have you struggling against powerful pleasure impulses. 

It’s not one of those dieting scams that leave you frustrated with plateaus, reduced energy, or a damaged metabolism. 

It’s not one of those extreme diets that force you to drop weight only to rebound with the inevitable, embarrassing weight gain to follow.  

No, no, no … those kinds of diets have set your metabolism up to fail enough.

Instead of trying to manipulate your metabolism, isn’t it time to work in harmony with it?  

And when you work in harmony with your metabolism by enjoying the pleasurable foods you choose using Dietgirl MenuPlans™, your fat burning furnace automatically, naturally, and effortlessly kicks in.

That’s because staying slim and healthy for life depends on how well you live your life … and a life without pleasure is no life at all.  

With the Dietgirl MenuPlans™ weight loss program, delicious food is your path to permanent weight loss—and a lifetime of good and enjoyable eating.

Dietgirl MenuPlans™ Powerful Mobile App

World-class nutrition just went mobile!
Our FREE mobile app brings your personalized MenuPlans™ and complete grocery lists right to your iPhone/iPad/Android phone or tablet.
Most mobile apps provide only food logging and/or exercise logging. Only MenuPlans™ gives you full functionality of your personalized MenuPlans™ program directly from your phone! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to install anything?

No! We created MenuPlans™ so you wouldn’t have to have a friend come over to help you set it up! Just login, start clicking, and you can build customized MenuPlans™ in minutes.

How long are your contracts?

There are NO long term contracts or commitments. You can use MenuPlans™ month to month and cancel at any time—although we can’t think of a reason you would want to.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No! We give constant updates to our software, add new templates and you get it all for FREE—because everything is included in your monthly membership! Dietgirl MenuPlans™ is in the cloud, so when we make an update or add a new feature, they automatically show up on your screen.

So just to review:

When you sign up for Dietgirl MenuPlans™ you will get:


  1.  Access to the complete MenuPlans™ interactive software program.
  2.  Here, at your fingertips are 80 ready to use Registered Dietitian designed and approved meal templates fully customizable to your individual needs. This program contains all the information you’ll ever need to melt away body fat and have the body you’ve always wanted. These meal templates normally sell for $39.95 each, and to get your hands on all 80 of them would set you back a staggering $3196. But they are yours included for FREE!
  3. You also get access to our MenuPlans™ Powerful Mobile App, giving you world-class nutrition at your fingertips. Now you have instant access to your customized meal plans on your phone when you go shopping. Simply log into the app and you are ready to go. Getting this robust app developed cost us thousands of dollars, and we initially thought we would charge $47 a month for access. That alone comes to $564 a year… but you get it included for FREE!

Sign up NOW to get immediate access to everything, including…


Unique MenuPlans™ Interactive and Automated Software


The Totally Synched Powerful Mobile App


80+ Different MenuPlans™ Templates


Mix and Match Personalization Technology Interface

We bet you are saying to yourself right about now that this incredible weight management program is probably going to cost you an arm and a leg.  Well, at Dietgirl we are so committed to your fitness success that we have decided to make the price as low as we possibly can so that anybody can afford to sign up to look and feel and be healthier.

Originally we were going to charge $97 per month.  But we decided no way.  This is just too important.  So then we reduced it to $47 per month.  But we got such massive feedback about how we could help so many people if there was any way we could reduce the price that we kept trying to figure out how we could get it down even lower.  And in the end we decided to push ourselves to the wall.  This is as far as we could go and there is no better deal anywhere!

Believe it or not, this amazing program will cost you ONLY $14.95 per month! Yes, you read that right.

Just $14.95 per month!

But wait—there’s more!

If you sign up for the total Dietgirl All-in-One Membership Program—which costs only $19.95 per month—we will include the entire MenuPlans™ program at no extra charge!  You will get it all included for FREE!

That’s right!









Weight Management University




FOR JUST $19.95!!

There is no way you can beat that deal anywhere!!