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Vitabot: Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian

Nutritious Menu Planning in Minutes

Healthy and nutritious eating comes from

  • properly balanced nutrition
  • the appropriate amount of calories, and
  • using healthy ingredients and foods

Imagine making up your daily and weekly menus with all your favorite foods and having a dietitian right there to help you mix and match to achieve well-balanced meals according to your goals…

It’s like having your own personal dietitian right there in your kitchen!

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The most advanced nutrition program available.

Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian is unique because of it’s focus on total nutrition, not calories alone.

An Official NASA Spinoff Technology.

The Pocket Dietitian

helps you measure and properly balance 26 nutrients in your daily diet!


great tasting, properly balanced and nutritious meals using foods that you enjoy!

Meal Journaling

Keeping track of what you’re eating is simple with the Pocket Dietitian. It’s so automated you can even record it simply by talking to your app!

Vitabot: Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian is like having your own personal dietitian right there in your kitchen!

Other nutritional menu planning programs usually just email you a list of foods, or calculate calories for you…

Only Vitabot: Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian Puts You in Control…

  • You set your own goals
  • You pick your own favorite foods
  • You make the decisions

Your Goal Should Be Achieving Properly Balanced Nutrition:

Lasting weight loss and healthy eating comes from more than just keeping track of your calories.

Imagine how you would look and feel if you were eating the right balance of vitamins and nutrients for your body.

Having too much or too little of even the right vitamins and minerals can cause you to develop numerous health issues.  For example, high cholesterol, too much salt and saturated fat can lead to coronary heart disease.  On the other hand, nutrients like omega 6 and omega 3 can help boost your hormone levels and decrease your  cholesterol.  If you want to feel your best, you must have the right balance of nutrients with the optimum level of calories.

Vitabot: Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian will help you reach your goals with NO pain!

Very few people have the time or ability to prepare properly balanced and nutritious meals using foods that they enjoy.  But now you can do it easily with Vitabot: Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian!

Here’s how Vitabot: Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian works:

  1. You tell Vitabot: Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian what you enjoy eating for each meal, dinner, lunch, breakfast and even snacks. These become your “Favorite Menus”.
  2. Then Vitabot: Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian goes to work using your Favorite Menus and helping you build balanced meal plans. It’s almost like ordering off the menu at your favorite restaurant!

For example, if the meal plan you set up for a specific day is missing sufficient Potassium, Vitamin E, and Omega 6, just click on your Favorite Snacks menu and Vitabot: Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian will immediately suggest that you add almonds that day.

In just minutes, Vitabot: Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian helps you properly balance 26 nutrients in your daily diet.

And…you can add foods to your plan any time you want!  Vitabot: Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian will automatically include them in figuring out your meal plans.


How Does Vitabot: Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian Know What Nutrients You Need?

We use reports from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science to set your base nutritional requirements according to age, weight, gender and your personal goals.  The food nutritional info is sourced from the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service.


 Bottom Line: Why Should You Use Vitabot: Dietgirl’s Pocket Dietitian?


Experience having your own personal dietitian helping you every day!


It’s easy! It’s fun!


Develop personalized meal plans at the highest nutritional standards


And it’s going to improve your LIFE by helping you Look Incredible and Feel sEnsational!