Body-shaming is real, and it is horrible. This is especially the case when the victims are trying their best to get on the track to fitness, and are being ridiculed despite their efforts instead of being cheered on. People deserve to be treated better and feel welcomed when it comes to their participation in fitness, regardless of their appearance, abilities, and level of mastery.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying fit is something that everyone has the right to do, and no one should be judged on how they decide to handle it. A predominant myth about people who may appear overweight is that they only workout to get thinner and that it is their only goal. Another myth is that if they just put in a little more work or try just a little harder, they would become skinnier. Neither of those are true. Many people that are overweight say that they are constantly body-shamed even by fitness trainers and gym members when they try to workout on a regular basis. These experiences can not only discourage them from trying to reach their goals, but also psychologically affect them. A positive and welcoming mindset towards any person that may have suffered from experiences like this can really make a difference.

Always keep in mind that the smallest thing you say or do can affect a person for a long time either negatively or positively and that you can always help! Many fitness trainers think that clients that are too overweight should give up because they can not be taken seriously. This mindset needs to be changed because anyone can start their fitness journey at any point, and it is never too late. Fitness trainers need to be more welcoming to people who have had terrible experiences regarding their weight or size. There needs to be more diversity amongst fitness trainers, to provide a healthy and systematic way for people of all different sizes to reach their goals. Although it is not a requirement for anyone of any size to be engaged in physical activity, it is important for us, as people, to be accepting and respectful of others, no matter what.