Do you want to look younger in the most healthy way possible? Who wouldn’t! Before you head over to the store to pick up a fancy set of anti-aging solutions, you should go for a run instead. Studies show that exercising can not only have a strong impact on your mental and physical health, but it can also slow down many elements of the aging process.

When exercising, your blood flow increases, and this increase in blood flow will cause your skin cells to receive more oxygen, which therefore helps it become healthier. Exercise will also play a big role in improving your posture, which in turn keeps your bones strong and will allows you to shave additional years off of your appearance. It can also improve your flexibility, and by increasing flexibility you can avoid many injuries as you get older.

Yoga is a great way to improve on your flexibility, and you shouldn’t be intimidated to try it if you don’t consider yourself flexible enough. After all, you would need to start out slow in order to gradually improve your flexibility. Another excellent way to exercise to look and feel younger is by cycling, which also many added health benefits. Cyclists manage to preserve strength with age, and also tend to have a healthier immune system. After reaching puberty, an organ called the thymus stops producing as many T-cells as it would before a person reached puberty. However many older cyclists were found to be producing as many T-cells as someone much younger would. Additionally, exercising can also keep your metabolism high which tends to slow down as you start aging. This lowers the risk of becoming overweight that can lead to diabetes and heart diseases which many people tend to develop at a certain point. Exercise doesn’t just make you appear younger, but it also literally makes you younger by keeping your cells young and slowing down the aging process in your chromosomes. All in all, exercising is a great way to help you feel and look younger, and most importantly makes you feel and look healthier!