It’s always best to eat foods in moderation. However, there are actually a few foods and drinks that nutritionists suggest cutting off altogether. Here are some foods and drinks that nutritionists never eat or drink and believe should be cut off from our diets as well, in addition to varieties to opt for should you decide to give in to the craving:


Sodas are made up of mostly sugar and other ingredients that are potentially harmful. Additionally, sodas contain many calories and it’s best to avoid drinking soda at all because there are no nutrients. We suggest drinking healthier drinks like tea or a homemade smoothie!

Reduced Fat Peanut Butter

The fat in peanut butter is actually a very healthy monounsaturated fat. When it is removed, it is replaced with many types of sugars and is far worse than regular fat peanut butter. So don’t be fooled by the “reduced fat” label on the peanut butter bottle the next time you buy peanut butter. Stick to the original!

Hot Dogs

No matter what type of meat hot dogs contain, they are always very highly processed. Hot dogs also contain ingredients that are laced with cancer-causing nitrates which make hot dogs one of the most unsafe foods to eat. There are so many other items you are better off


Margarine is often used as a replacement for butter but is very highly processed. It is extremely high in saturated fat and like peanut butter, it’s best to stick to the real thing. But, if you deal with high blood pressure or cholesterol, we recommend enjoying it in moderation or using trans fat-free margarine instead.

American Cheese

American cheese is factory made cheese that has many added chemicals and is very high in saturated fat. Eating highly processed foods like American cheese is linked with chronic inflammation which increases the risk of developing diseases like cancer. Instead of eating American cheese, try mild cheddar which is not as nearly processed.

Red Meat

Red meat should not be consumed for many reasons. Trimethylamine N-Oxide, produced when a compound in the meat metabolizes, is linked to inflammation, heart diseases, and atherosclerosis. A sugar molecule, Neu5GC, found in red meat promotes chronic inflammation. Compounds, like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heterocyclic amines, and advanced glycation end products are all carcinogenic compounds formed after the meat is cooked. Overall, it is best to avoid eating red meat as it can have many negative effects.

Raw Milk

Raw milk could contain many harmful bacterias and cause illnesses such as food poisoning. Always make sure to drink pasteurized milk to avoid any negative effects on your body.