Clever Ways to Sneak Running into Family Routines

Clever Ways to Sneak Running into Family Routines

It can get hard to find time to workout when managing a busy lifestyle, especially if you’re taking care of your family in addition to your other responsibilities and obligations. Sometimes you may even feel guilty for putting other commitments, or even yourself first instead of your family. But what if you could get your whole family to join in with you the next time you go for a run? Talk about two birds with one stone! That way you wouldn’t need to compromise family time and also get your family to start exercising regularly!

Running can improve your health in many different ways and play a tremendous role in weight loss. Studies show that running can help prevent diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure. Children that are old enough to run can go running with you or even ride their bikes as you run. You don’t have to worry about going at the same pace as them but instead just enjoy some time with your family as you get that movement in. If your children are too young to run, you may want to consider investing in a stroller that is designed specifically for you to push while you run. Make it a family activity and slowly get your kids into a healthy exercise routine! But be sure to get them proper running shoes first! Heck, let everyone else play an active role in choosing the shoes they would like to run in, to make it even more exciting for them. Here’s an infographic with more details on that:

How To Choose Running Shoes

To really spice things up, you can make a list of cool places that are nearby, and get there with the kids by running or even making it a race. That way you can have fun and get to the place you need to go to while getting some exercise done. If you don’t feel comfortable with running with your kids, then wake up an hour earlier than the rest of your family and go for a jog. Make every minute count! Although it may be hard at first to wake up much earlier, at the end it will all be worth it. If waking up early isn’t your thing (or if you’re already waking up earlier for other commitments,) then get your friends involved. You can ask your friends to help babysit or look after other things while you run, and offer to return the favor when they run. There are many ways to incorporate exercise and running into your family routine, so you and your family can live the healthy lifestyle you all deserve!


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