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Dietgirl is the ONLY fully encompassing online diet, weight loss and workout program available in one integrated system.  From the comfort of your own home you will have 24/7 access to everything!  Classes, personalized training, workouts, menu planners, diagnostic tools, articles and team videos of our elite corp of dietitians, nutritionists, personal trainers, and fitness coaches.  You can even use the Dietgirl Community to share and sync your workouts and food logs with your friends!
Choose the plans that are best for you and get started NOW!
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Free Fitness Classes

Over 500 workouts to choose from led by our rock star Personal Trainers! When you’re ready to rock, we are ready to roll! Bodyweight Bootcamps, Bodybuilding Programs, Sports Conditioning, Cellulite Shrinkers, Danceathons and lots more! Try something new everyday or keep going back to your Dietgirl favorites.

Weight Management University

The absolute best online course to learn about how your body works and what you need to do to lose fat and be fit.  Knowledge is Power.  The power to chart the new you.  Includes video, audio and print options.


Dietgirl’s MenuPlans © enables you to easily mix and match ingredients and foods to create the best tasting, nutritious and healthy meals using our automated menu planner. Reach your goals without sacrificing the tastes you love! Choose from 80 different plans to get you started. Available for desktop or download the app to your phone or tablet.

Personalized BodySculpting

You decide what body part you want to focus on and we will design your own personalized routine!  Access over 7000 instructional images and videos in the privacy of your home.  Make sure you are doing the right exercises the right way for maximum results in minimum time!

The Body Store

Get fit faster with the highest quality vitamins and supplements created, formulated and sourced for you exclusively by Dietgirl.  Don’t trust your health and wellness to the mass marketed junk that is often sold to the unsuspecting consumer.  Compare our products to anything available in stores or online and you will see that the Dietgirl brand truly is the best. 

The Dietgirl Community

Share your personal workouts with friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. Challenge others to keep up with you! Keep, post or share your logs. Best of all, use the group to make new friends, share advice and motivate and inspire each other to keep on pumping! Follow us on Facebook and join our new Facebook group FOR DIETGIRLS ONLY.

Dietgirl Free Fitness Classes








Dietgirl’s Personalized

BodySculpting Program

Got a specific goal in mind and want to dedicate yourself to reaching it? Our Personalized BodySculpting Program
will guide you for months at a time, letting you know what workout to perform each day, at
what intensity. Learn More

Dietgirl’s MenuPlans

Online Menu Planning & Nutrition Program

80 Different Plans You Can Personalize!

Only Dietgirl’s MenuPlans Puts You in Total Control…

  • You choose your own plan
  • You set your own goals
  • You pick your favorite foods
  • You make the decisions


Weight  Management  University 101

This exclusive 12-week weight-management curriculum covers the basics of human physiology.  It explains in non-technical terms how, and why, your body will positively respond to proper nutrition and productive exercise. This course is a total MUST if you really want to succeed at weight loss and fitness. No more fads! Learn how your body functions, loses fat and gets healthy. Understand how your body works so you can more easily lose weight and get in shape.  Never be fooled again by fad diets.

This course could absolutely change your life for the better. This knowledge will enable you to make good decisions for your future health and fitness. 

Your Course Deliverables Include:

  • Online web page presentation; 12-week structured curriculum
  • 90 Pages of handout documents in .pdf format – Easy downloads
  • 35 Streaming high-definition, video presentations
  • Download .mp3 audio files for your iPhone, Android and all mobile
  • Self-testing with “auto-score” to automatically progress through chapters

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